Career Certificate
A Business Administration Option

The 12-credit Certificate in Finance, offered through the Business Administration department, includes three required courses: Money and Banking, Principles of Finance, and Investment Principle. It also includes one elective course from the following list: Investment Analysis, Personal Finance or Introduction to International Business.

The Certificate in Finance will take a practical approach to the subject matter, providing broad exposure to the stock and bond markets, money and capital markets, financial management, financial planning and financial analysis while improving financial decision making abilities. By gathering financial information and analyzing trends, students will experience a practical hands-on approach to learning about finances.

Students will learn about the financial health of a firm, recognize the role and effects of money on the financial system, study investment alternatives offered in the securities market, analyze investment portfolios, learn how to effectively manage personal assets, and understand the role of the global marketplace in business and financial decisions. This combination provides a broad, comprehensive investigation of various aspects of the financial marketplace.