County College of Morris has a first-rate cyber security faculty boasting many years of cyber security experience in a wide range of areas from diverse backgrounds.

CCM Center for Cyber Security Director Patricia Tamburelli
Adjunct Professor Joseph Tamburelli
Adjunct Professor Victor Rudow
Adjunct Professor Jack Cascio
Adjunct Professor Jonathan Synder
Adjunct Professor Teresa LauChan

The Curriculum Coordinator for Cyber Security is Assistant Professor Patricia Tamburelli. Professor Tamburelli is a faculty member for almost twenty years at CCM. Professor Tamburelli has been granted the distinction and honor of being named the first Director of the County College of Morris Center for Cyber Security. For the past twenty years Pat Tamburelli has been a staunch cyber security educator. Recognizing in the late 1990’s the future critical need for qualified cyber security professionals, she embarked on a mission to develop courses in information assurance that were held to a higher standard than the recognition of her own educational institution. This led her to the Information Assurance Directorate and the NIETP with the development of courses and the mapping of information security curriculum to the NSTISSI 4011 standard – which sets the minimum qualifications for information security professionals. Her passion for excellence and federal recognition for students in the cyber security field resulted in County College of Morris being the only community college in New Jersey that is a certifying institution for the CNSS in the National Standard 4011. This honor was first awarded in 2003 and the program has grown exponentially over the last thirteen years. Professor Tamburelli has worked tirelessly throughout her career to achieve excellence in cyber security education and has been rewarded by competent qualified students choosing cyber security as a career path or by pursuing advanced degrees in the discipline. She is recognized by her peers as an advocate for cyber security education and is a frequent presenter, guest speaker, and facilitator at conferences, seminars, and symposiums. Professor Tamburelli is a current member of the Board of Directors for the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education, a National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Standards Member, and a National Cyber League and Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition coach.

An excellent example of an adjunct professor that goes above and beyond is Joseph Tamburelli. He co-developed the County College of Morris Certificate in Information Security, the three requisite courses – CMP 120 Foundations of Information Security, CMP 124 Network Security, and CMP 125 Information Security Management, CMP 243 Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense, and CMP 160 Digital Forensics. He teaches these courses almost every semester. He is an advisor for the Cyber Security Club and a coach for the cyber defense competitions that our students compete in. He is an excellent role model for our students, as he has the perfect combination of law enforcement, and private sector security experience. He is a recipient of the distinquished 2016 NISOD Excellence Award.
Victor Rudow is an adjunct professor who is teaching Network Security. He brings many years of network and network security administration to our faculty. He has a focus on insuring that his students truly grasp what he is teaching and holds them accountable for demonstrating that knowledge.

Jack Cascio is a Certified Fraud Examiner who has experience in investigating and identifying compromises of the intellectual property and theft of customer data. Jack is a recognized fraud prevention expert.

Jonathan Snyder has expert proficiency in Information Security and the full cycle of intelligence operations. With his combined military and corporate backgrounds he is the ideal faculty member to teach cyber warfare. Jonathan holds the following certifications: Certified Information Security Systems Professional (446474), CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+. He has developed multiple lines of products that correlated security events with current attack trends, well- known attack patterns and system vulnerabilities. He has worked with Executive Management to provide detailed threat assessments to assist in firm-wide planning scenarios.

Teresa LauChan is teaching Network Security. She has solid knowledge in Math, Computer Science, Data Communications, Networking, and Network Security. Teresa holds CCNA and CCDP Certifications.