Program Details

County College of Morris now offers a program of study that will provide certified elementary teachers with a deeper understanding of the principles of mathematics.

These hybrid courses are designed to meet the expectations and learning objectives of the domains of the Common Core Standards; Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Measurements. Each course will enhance content knowledge while strengthening the teacher’s ability to communicate mathematics effectively.

The program utilizes an enthusiastic faculty of experienced math teachers.

Recommended Courses

Middle School Mathematics EndorsementThe list of courses shown below represents those courses that are highly recommended by CCM’s Department of Mathematics.

  • MAT 270 Numbers and Operations for Middle Grades
  • MAT 271 Algebra for Middle Grades
  • MAT 272 Mathematics for Middle Grades
  • MAT 273 Statistics for Middle Grades
  • MAT 274 Geometry for Middle Grades

Candidates are strongly encouraged to complete the State requirements for New Jersey middle school mathematics endorsement.

State Requirements

Elementary School with Subject Matter Specialization Grades 5-8

To receive a state endorsement in middle school mathematics on an Elementary Teaching Certificate, students must earn 15 semester hours in mathematics.

The endorsement candidate must also pass the Praxis II middle grade mathematics test and complete an Adolescent Characteristics Course.

Note: Consult the NJ Department of Education to be sure you have the latest information regarding certification or endorsement. Certifications and endorsements are always subject to the most recent legislation and regulations.

Contact Information

Deanne Stigliano
Department of Mathematics