Associate in Applied Science Degree
The core concepts of Hospitality are friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment offered to guests or strangers. Our curriculums in this field of study strive to offer this opportunity to our students as they learn the importance of creating this environment in the workplace, not only for their guests, but for the staff and employees that they will one day manage. The curriculums provide academic and practical training for students interested in future management positions and for aspiring professionals already employed within the Hospitality Industry. The Hospitality Industry is constantly changing which opens a multitude of opportunities for careers in this field. The traditional areas of Hotel, Hospitality and Restaurant studies are now expanded to include Culinary Management, Event Planning, Travel and Tourism and many other potential career paths. Upon completing your chosen curriculum, you will enter the Hospitality Industry with an understanding of the work required to be successful and enthusiastic about your chosen field.
The Hospitality Management curriculum provides academic and practical training for students interested in future man-agement positions and for aspiring professionals already employed within the hospitality industry. The curriculum com-bines specialized training and the imparting of specific hospitality management skills to provide graduates with a relevant and contemporary education and a synthesis of skills necessary for success in the Hospitality Industry. (NRAEF ManageFirst Certifications Offered). The wide range of dynamic opportunities within the Hospitality Management industry encompasses career paths within the following segments:

  • Lodging management, including luxury, casino, convention,all-suite, and resort hotels
  • The travel and tourism industry
  • Recreation and leisure, entertainment, attractions, and special events management (theme parks, clubs, destination services, and resort operations)
  • Senior living services, health care, and retirement community management
  • The support infrastructure of the Hospitality Industry which includes human resources, accounting, purchasing, physical plant maintenance, sales and marketing, and property management


Hospitality Management Curriculum

General Education Foundation (21/22 CR)

Communication (6 CR)

  • English Composition I ENG 111 3
  • English Composition II ENG 112 3

Math-Science-Technology (6/7 CR)

  • Math Elective 3
  • Laboratory Science/Technology Elective 3/4

Social Science Or Humanities (3 CR)

  • Choose from General Education course list

General Education Electives (6 CR)

  • Elements of Economics ECO 113 3 OR
  • Principles of Economics ECO 211
  • Humanities Elective 3

Total General Education Credits 21/22


Hospitality/ Business Core (43 CR)

  • Introduction to Business BUS 112 3
  • Principles of Accounting ACC 111 3
  • Business Law I BUS 213 3
  • Introduction to Hospitality HOS 118 3 Industry
  • Introduction to Food HOS 101 3
  • Food Management HOS 102 3
  • Food Production HOS 103 3
  • Hotel/Hospitality Management HOS 120 3
  • Foodservice Sanitation & Safety HOS 209 3
  • Human Resource Mgt. in the HOS 211 3 Hospitality Ind.
  • Food & Beverage Purchasing & HOS 213 3 Cost Control
  • Food & Beverage Service HOS 215 3 Management
  • Cooperative Education HOS 223 3 Work Experience
  • Cooperative Education HOS 224 1 Related Class
  • Free Elective 3


Total Core Credits 43

Total Program Credits 64/65