A Hospitality Management Option
Associate in Applied Science

The Hospitality Industry is constantly changing which opens a multitude of opportunities for careers in this field. This option, within the Hospitality Management Program, provides students with a focused approach to the largest segment of the hospitality industry. It also allows your individual interest to drive your field of study.

In this curriculum, you will have the opportunity to select 6 credits towards exploring different areas of the Hospitality Industry. These may include: restaurant management, culinary arts management, banquet planning, world travel and international cuisines. Upon completing this curriculum, you will enter the restaurant and culinary fields with an understanding of the work required to be successful and enthusiastic about your chosen field. (NRAEF ManageFirst Certifications Offered and full NRAEF Certification are available to students). The Restaurant Industry is the Number One Employer:

  • The restaurant industry employs an estimated 12.5 million people; making it the nation’s largest employer outside of the US government.
  • The restaurant industry is expected to add 1.9 million jobs by 2016, for total employment of 14.4 million in 2016.
  • More than four out of 10 adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some time during their lives and 27 percent of adults got their first job experience in a restaurant.


Restaurants in New Jersey are a driving force in the state’s economy. Their sales generate tremendous tax revenues. They provide jobs and build careers for thousands of people. They also provide healthful options for their guests, give back to their communities, and work to reduce their impact on the environment.

The ManageFirst Program, created by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and managed nationally by National Restaurant Association Solutions, is a management development program that equips students with the key competencies they need to begin or advance their management careers in our demanding industry. The ManageFirst Program was created to address the needs voiced by industry members and educators. The ManageFirst ProgramTM is relevant, comprehensive and flexible.


Restaurant and Culinary Management Curriculum

General Education Foundation (21/22 CR)

Communication (6 CR)

  • English Composition I ENG 111 3
  • English Composition II ENG 112 3

Math-Science-Technology (6/7 CR)

  • Math Elective 3
  • Laboratory Science/Technology Elective 3/4

Social Science Or Humanities (3 CR)

  • Choose from General Education course list

General Education Electives (6 CR)

  • Elements of Economics ECO 113 3 OR
  • Principles of Economics ECO 211
  • Humanities Elective 3

Total General Education Credits 21/22


Hospitality/Business Core (40 CR)

  • Introduction to Food HOS 101 3
  • Food Management HOS 102 3
  • Food Production HOS 103 3
  • Food Safety and Nutrition HOS 104 3
  • Principles of Accounting ACC 111 3
  • Introduction to Business BUS 112 3
  • Dining Room Service HOS 110 4 OR
  • Cooperative Education HOS 223 Work Experience
  • Cooperative Education HOS 224 Related Class
  • Business Law I BUS 213 3
  • Human Resource Mgt. HOS 211 3 in the Hospitality Ind.
  • Food & Bev Purchasing & HOS 213 3 Cost Control HOS 213
  • HOS Electives 6
  • Free Elective 3

Total Core Credits 40
Total Program Credits 61/62