Environmental Science, a Chemical Technology Option

The Field of Environmental Science

  • Environmental science is the scientific study of the interrelationship between human activities and our environment.
  • It is a highly interdisciplinary field that reflects the complex nature of environmental and ecological problems and their solution. To that end, environmental science makes extensive use of knowledge from disciplines such as chemistry, atmospheric science, botany, ecology, geology, geography, physics, soil science and zoology.


Why Pursue the AAS Degree in Environmental Science at CCM?

  • Environmental Science is an ideal major if you enjoy technically-based field work, and desire a more practical “hands-on” approach to learning that has the potential to accelerate entry directly into the job market. Employers prefer to hire college-educated Environmental Science technicians since they have the scientific knowledge, laboratory skills, and field expertise to make them productive with less on-the-job training.
  • You will have the opportunity to work in state-of-the art laboratories and learn modern, sophisticated techniques and instrumentation applicable to the Environmental Science field.
  • Through CCM’s Cooperative Education Program (Co-op), you may be provided with the unique opportunity to gain valuable, practical skills working in industry while pursuing your education.
  • After graduation, in addition to your Associate in Applied Science Degree, you will
    • Have both the theoretical knowledge and practical laboratory training needed to immediately begin a career in Environmental Science
    • Qualify for positions as a technician in areas such as:
      • Ecosystems services
      • Oceanography and limnology
      • Commercial health or safety hazard inspection
  • Courses in CCM’s Environmental Science program are also perfect if you are retraining for a new career!


Faculty Advisors Are Your Best Resource for Choosing an Appropriate Curriculum

  • You are strongly urged to work closely with your academic advisor who can help you make most efficient use of your time at CCM. The wide variety of career options demand careful consideration and planning. Your advisor is familiar with these considerations – and is ready to help! Take advantage of your advisor’s knowledge and expertise.
  • For more information on Academic Advisors, please see the “Who is My Academic Advisor” page of the CCM Web site.