What You Will Learn

Considered both an art and a science, Nursing remains an integral part of today’s healthcare system. Nurses provide direct care to people in hospitals, homes and long-term care facilities; they manage groups of patients in industries and communities; they participate in and lead research projects that are helping advance nursing knowledge. Nurses today are providers, collaborators, coordinators and leaders in healthcare delivery.

Why Study at CCM?

All nursing faculty hold master’s or doctoral degrees and are prepared with extensive current and past clinical experience.

Career Opportunities

Hospitals, Out Patient, Rehabilitation and Long-term Care, Armed Forces, Medical-Surgical, Community and Public Health, Critical Care, Behavioral Health, Oncology, Maternal-Child Health, Telenursing, Nurse navigators, Industry sales, Geriatrics, Informatics School Nursing The 2019 Median Pay for nurses is $73,300 per year and $35.24 per hour.