There is an Advanced Placement Program for Licensed Practical Nurses who qualify for admission to the Nursing Program at the County College of Morris. This program is compatible with the New Jersey Articulation Model for Nursing Education and is open to LPNs on a space available basis.


For admission to the advanced placement program the LPN must:

  • meet nursing program admission requirements and complete interview with department chairperson.
  • have a current New Jersey LPN license.
  • have graduated from a state approved LPN program.
  • complete all pre and co-requisite courses with science courses completed within 7 years and with grades of C or better in the science courses.
  • have a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • have a letter of recommendation from a nursing professional and have appropriate documentation of work experience.


Further requirements are that the LPN must:

  • have graduated from an LPN program within 12 months, OR
  • have graduated from an LPN program between 13 and 36 months and been employed as an LPN for a minimum of 1,000 hours during the past 12 months, OR
  • have graduated from an LPN program more than 36 months ago and been employed as an LPN for a minimum of 2,000 hours during the past two years.


LPNs who are admitted to the Advanced Placement Program will have 6 credits for Fundamentals of Nursing (NUR 121) placed in escrow. They will then be required to successfully complete Nursing Transition: Advanced Placement Status (NUR 012), in the winterim or summer session prior to beginning Basic Medical Surgical Nursing (NUR 123) Foundations of Nursing (NUR 105) will be taken along with NUR 123.  Upon successful completion of these three courses, they will be given credit for NUR 121. LPNs can only be admitted as advanced placement students one time.


LPNs who are interested in the Advanced Placement Program should contact the Chairperson of the Nursing Department, Kathleen Horan at 973-328-5352 prior to seeking admission to the college.