Associate in Applied Science

What You Will Learn

Whether graduates wish to enter the workforce, transfer to a senior college or start their own business, the Virtual Reality Program at County College of Morris (CCM) provides graduates with skills that fit their personal ambition and career goals.

Following a foundation year of computer science, game programming, and photography, the second year includes specialized courses in both created
and recorded virtual reality, video, lighting, and portfolio building. Hands-on experience is prioritized to develop both the creative ability and the technical skills essential to a career of a contemporary image-maker.

Why Study Virtual Reality at CCM?

The internationally recognized faculty has its finger on the pulse of the contemporary image-making trends. Whether you are interested in commercial or art image-making, CCM faculty are committed to meeting you where your career goals are. Virtual Reality students have access to outstanding facilities: Mac-based digital imaging lab for still and moving images, Virtual Reality lab, and lighting studio. Students have access to a wide range of equipment including professional 360 video cameras, spatial sound recorders, and lighting equipment.

Career Opportunities

  • Real Estate
  • Event
  • Journalism
  • Cinematography
  • Virtual Reality Content Creator

Where You Can Go

In addition to transferring to four year colleges, CCM graduates could go directly into the workforce.  To learn about the transfer and career services, visit our Career Services page.

Contact Info

Art and Design Department
Emeriti Hall, Room 102

Professor Nieves Gruneiro-Roadcap
Chairperson, Art and Design

Professor Hrvoje Slovenc
Special Projects, Photography Technology