Students who study Broadcasting Arts and Technology, Communication and Journalism at CCM learn from a faculty with specific expertise in their areas and in state-of-the-art facilities.

A number of resources also are available for students to enhance their expertise and develop their leadership skills, including:

  • Sigma Chi Eta – the communication honor society established to promote high academic standards and to meet other people in the field of communication
  • Student Film Association – which works on creating everything from YouTube videos, to shore films, to news broadcasts
  • Professional Affiliations – to develop a network and to learn from professionals in your field of interest



A number of scholarships also are available for students studying Broadcasting Arts and Technology, Communication and Journalism at CCM.

Outside of the general scholarships available here at the college, there are scholarships available exclusively for students in the Department of Communication.  Please click the links below to visit the CCM Scholarship page and review information for these

For more information on CCM scholarships, and to access the application, please see the CCM Financial Aid webpage.


Outside Scholarships

These are just a small sampling of the scholarships available outside the school.  Please click the links to visit the scholarship websites: