Associate of Fine Arts in Design

What You Will Learn

The Fashion Merchandising track offers a diverse and interdisciplinary studio environment whereby students gain insight to multiple areas of design and their influences within industry, society and profession. Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising are areas that make up the studio culture in the Design Program at CCM.

The Fashion Merchandising track provides a comprehensive foundation for students transferring to four-year colleges and universities to continue their studies and pursue a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fashion Merchandising. Contemporary and traditional skillsets acquired at CCM provide the student with immediate opportunities in industry as Visual Merchandising Assistants or Interns, Window Display Coordinators, Fashion/Trade Show Assistant, and Sales and Management in Retail.

Why Study Fashion Merchandising at CCM?

County College of Morris has designated studio classrooms with state of the art equipment and software available to all design students during their academic studies at CCM. The class size average is 12:1 in the studio; this ratio fosters a mentoring relationship between the student and professor. Studios are supplied with materials and resources that allow extensive opportunities for creative exploration in research and process.

Faculty are highly accomplished and many maintain professional practice, bringing real world problems to the design curriculum and classroom.

The program is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Career Opportunities

Associates Degree:

  • Visual Merchandising Assistant
  • Fashion Merchandising Intern
  • Trade Show Assistant
  • Fashion Show Assistant
  • Retail Manager
  • Fashion Sales


Bachelors Degree:

  • Catalog Production Manager
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Fashion Director
  • Merchandise Display Artist
  • Production Development Manager
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Textile Manager
  • Fashion Forecaster
  • Import/ Export Specialist
  • Internet Retailer
  • Fashion Events Coordinator
  • Market Researcher
  • Fashion Editor
  • Visual Merchandiser

Where You Can Go

Upon completion of the Associate in Fine Arts (AFA), the majority of Fashion Merchandising track students transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree: Bachelor of Science , Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Student have transferred to the following institutions based on their portfolio and GPA from CCM:

  • Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
  • LIM College (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising)
  • Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)
  • Montclair University
  • Marist College
  • Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)


Students uncertain about their career goals or preference of Design discipline are offered opportunity for exploration within this program.

Contact Info

Art and Design Department
Emeriti Hall, Room 102

Professor Kelly Whalen
Design Special Projects