As the world becomes a smaller place, and contact between cultures continues to increase, so will the need for people who are culturally, internationally, and linguistically savvy. A degree in international studies will provide you with the knowledge and practice to meet the challenges of our highly connected and increasingly interdependent planet. It is ideal for students whose career goals are in the fields of international affairs, diplomacy, foreign languages and cultures, teaching, and/or research.


The mission of the International Studies program is to provide students with the general education course work and background in international studies needed to transfer to a similar program at a 4-year institution. In addition to general education course work, students are required to take courses in culture, geography, world literature, and four semesters of a foreign language. This program culminates in an Associate of Arts. For details on the requirements of this degree, please consult its curriculum checksheet by clicking on the link in the menu to the left and selecting your year and semester of admission to the program on the next page.


In order to enhance their course work, students are encouraged to study abroad. County College of Morris, through its membership in the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), offers students the opportunity to study in 31 countries. For more information regarding study abroad, please consult our Study Abroad page by following the link in the menu to the left.


In addition to study abroad, students may join various student clubs and organizations, such as the International Students Association, Asian Students Association, Jewish Students Association, United Latino Organization, among others. For a list of all current student clubs, see the Student Clubs link in the menu to the left.


Students enrolled full-time in the International Studies program may apply for the Sara B. Pfaffenroth Scholarship for International Studies. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0.


How to become part of the International Studies Program at CCM:

  1. Apply to CCM well before the beginning of the semester. You can apply and see when the next semester starts by clicking on the Apply and Academic Calendar links in the menu to the left.
  2. Don’t forget about applying for Financial Aid, too! The Financial Aid Office can help you through the process. For more information, please consult the link in the menu to the left. Most students need to apply by March 1st for the next academic year.
  3. Take placement tests, if needed. You will receive instructions by mail along with your acceptance letter on how to make an appointment to take placement tests.
  4. Attend New Student Registration. These are sessions where faculty and staff teach you about CCM and how to register for classes for the first time. You will receive instructions by mail on how to sign up for this session. If you cannot attend a session, please schedule an appointment with Professor James Hart, the International Studies Advisor, at 973-328-2486 or
  5. Attend class and learn about the world!


Important Items to Know:

  • Curriculum Checksheet – a summary of the course requirements of a program
  • New Student Registration – a session that teaches you how to register for classes