Music, A Liberal Arts and Sciences Option


The Music program includes background courses in the Humanities/Social Sciences offered by most four-year institutions in freshman and sophomore years. It prepares students to transfer to programs in primary and secondary school music, music therapy and performance degrees.


All students must audition and pass a theory placement exam, or register for MUS 011 Basic Musicianship, MUS 152 Piano I, and MUS 176 Aural Comprehension, during the first semester. Any student who receives a grade of “D” in any music core course must repeat the course and is required to see the Music Department Chairperson before registering for their next semester.


Associate in Arts Degree

The university-parallel curriculums are designed to meet the basic requirements of the first two years of college programs for students who plan to graduate and transfer to a senior college or university to study for the baccalaureate degree. They offer a wide range of flexibility in terms of the student’s ultimate educational goals and provide adequate preparation for further study leading to professional competence in specialized fields. These programs also accommodate individuals who seek two years of a liberal higher education.


The program offers options in Human Services; Humanities/International Studies; Humanities/Media Studies–Broadcasting; Humanities/Media Studies–Journalism; Humanities/Music; and Humanities/Social Science.