Professor Michelle Altieri

When Life is Stressful, Lean into Healthy Communication

Communication Professor Michelle Altieri earned her Masters of Arts in Communication from Illinois State University (ISU).  She has given numerous presentations and attended conferences throughout the country on various aspects of effective communication. She has written “Telling Your Story: A Narrative Approach to Public Speaking” (Textbook co-authored with Dr. Matthew Jones and Professor David Pallant of CCM.)

Along with teaching public speaking, Altieri teaches introduction to communication, speech fundamentals and interpersonal communication at CCM.

“I really enjoy what I do at CCM and like to focus on ways of improving my teaching techniques to help my students understand what they are learning,” she says. The most rewarding moments, she says, are “When students get it.”

 Register for one of Altieri’s Fall Semester Communication classes:

Speech Fundamentals (Com 109)  (MW 9:30 a.m.)

Speech Fundamentals (Com 109)  (MW 11 a.m.)

Speech Fundamentals (Com 109)  (Thu 9:30-12:15)

Introduction to Communication (Com 101) (online)

Interpersonal Communication (Com 104) (online)