The Collaboration Lab (CoLab)

A cutting-edge approach to explore, discover and create using virtual reality (VR) technology.

Since its opening in 1968, County College of Morris (CCM) upholds its commitment to excellence in teaching and lifelong learning through the delivery of exceptional programs and hands-on services. Reflecting on this history, a new collaborative creative effort is here.

Welcome to The CoLab – where students, faculty and staff across multiple disciplines engage in imaginative experimentation with technology. Surrounded by innovative work spaces and media production tools, including Oculus Rift headsets, the CCM community can continue to be pioneers in higher education.

Classes and events vary throughout the year. Visitors are welcome to come to campus and see all the excitement.

Oculus Rift headsets are recommended for ages 13+

Courses (Fall 2022)

Photography I

Photography I (PHO-115) will run an introduction to 360 camera in Fall 2022 with Professor Nicole Schwarz.

Learn more about the Photography Program here.

Investigative Function

Investigative Function (CJS-215), Forensic Science (CHM-105, section 80170), and the CCM Photo Club will collaborate on an interdisciplinary capstone project in which groups of students collaborate to create 360° virtual death scenes in stereoscopic 3D.

Critical Game Play

Critical Game Play (CMP-149) will run a VR game with Professor Eric Guadara. Game Development Program.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry I (CHM-231) will run Nanome with Dr. Keri Flanagan. Biology and Chemistry.

Biology of Environmental Concerns

Biology of Environmental Concerns (BIO-127; section 80103) will run The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience with Professor Dorothy Salinas.

Visit Biology and Chemistry for additional information.

Human Biology

Human Biology (BIO-133) will run a human anatomy VR app with Professor Paulina Cardaci.

Visit Biology and Chemistry for additional information.

Composition I

Composition I (ENG-111, sections 80394, 80395, and 80412) will run a Google Earth experience with Dr. Maryam Alikhani.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science (CHM-105) will run virtual death scene investigations in select sections, as the schedule allows with faculty TBD.

Recent CoLab Digital Projects