Will anyone know that I receive services from your office?

No, all services and documents connected with our office are confidential. They are not part of your permanent student record.  No one will know that you are connected with our office unless you choose to tell them so.

If services are confidential, how will my professors know that I get accommodations in class?

Each semester the Disability Services office will prepare Accommodation Notices for you to distribute to your professors.  It is your responsibility to give a notice to each of your professors.  We will review the procedure for picking up your notices and distributing them at our new student orientation session(s).

What if I am taking an online class, how will my professor know then?

Please inform us that you are taking an online class so you can give us permission to send an electronic copy of your accommodation notice to your online professor.

Can I get extra time on my assignments?

We cannot grant you permission to change the time line of assignments, projects or papers.

Can I use a calculator?

Yes, if this is one of your educational accommodations.  The granting of educational accommodations is based upon your submitted documentation and their appropriateness to the post secondary setting.

Do you have resource room classes at CCM?

No.  There are no resource room classes, “smaller” classes or special education classes at the college level.  You will enroll in regular college classes the same as any other student at CCM.

Do I have to submit an application and paperwork each new semester to get services?

No.  Once you have submitted all needed documentation, your services will remain active and we will continue to prepare accommodation notices for you and you can use any available services through our offices the whole time you are a student at CCM.

Are there separate admission standards for students with disabilities?

No.  You will apply to the college in the same manner and with the same standards as any other applicant.

Does the Disability Services office provide testing for learning disabilities for students that need it?

No.  If you need initial or updated testing in order to provide documentation of a learning disability, you must obtain this testing on your own.

Do you provide temporary accommodations for things like broken arms or other medical ailments? 

Yes, we can do that!  Please notify us as soon as possible of your need for temporary accommodations, and provide the needed medical documentation for your condition.   Please contact us to determine what information we will need.