Thirty (30) College Credit Program

(For a State-Issued High School Diploma)

The New Jersey State Department of Education affords individuals the opportunity to earn a state-issued high school diploma by completing 30 college credits at a county college.  Program requirements and enrollment procedures are available through the New Jersey Department of Education at the following:  website: ; telephone: (609)777-1050; email:


CCM Admissions Enrollment Procedures


To complete the required coursework at County College of Morris, students may attend on a non-matriculated, non-degree basis, part-time or full-time. Once the diploma is acquired through the NJ Department of Education, students may change their CCM status to matriculation. Counselors will be available to help students understand how the 30 college credits may apply to an associate’s degree. Please note non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid and the state-issued high school diploma is identical in appearance with the GED certificate.


To apply to the college, a completed CCM Admissions Application, along with the $30 non-refundable application fee, is required. Applicants must indicate that they are not applying for an associate’s degree at this time and that they are interested in the Thirty (30) College Credit Program (For a State-Issued Diploma). Please refer to the Admissions web page at for an online application; paper applications are also available.


Upon receipt of the application, the Admissions Office will send the student a letter with information about the Accuplacer placement test, a registration requirement for English, mathematics, and most science courses. Individuals with learning disabilities may be eligible for testing accommodations through Disability Services; telephone (973)328-5284. The Admissions Office staff is available to help with any questions; telephone (973)328-5100.