Unemployment Educational Benefits & Waiver

Individuals currently receiving state unemployment benefits may qualify for New Jersey’s Workforce Development Partnership Program which assist financially to obtain training for approved training programs. Your Workforce Development Partnership counselor must approve benefits before you enroll in a training program.  It is strongly that interested individuals also apply for Federal and NJ State financial aid assistance by completing the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), indicating the college of your choice prior to submittal.

How do I use my unemployment workforce allocation to pay for college?

On receipt of your “unemployment tuition waiver” from the Department of Labor follow steps:

  1. Complete – Unemployment Tuition Waiver Request (Contact the Bursar Office for details)  Visit the Office of Financial Aid to obtain signed approval of your CCM waiver.
  2. Visit the Bursar Office, located in the Student Community Center with your signed waiver.