The Testing Center provides proctoring services for other schools and organizations.

At this time, due to the COVID-19 impact, the physical campus is limited (depending on the requirements/conditions of your request…you will first need to check with Dr. Kevin Chen for availability) for our services to proctoring services for other schools and organizations. However, if your organization or academic institution accepts remote online proctoring of your exam, the CCM Testing Center can make arrangements to test you. You will require written approval and confirmation of your completed form/request email from Dr. Kevin Chen, CCM Testing Center Supervisor, before testing (on or off campus in the Testing Center). Dr. Chen’s email addresses are: and

Fee is based on scheduled proctored hours. Minimum fee is $50 for an up to two hour proctored exam. ($75 for up to three hour proctored exam and $100 for up to four hour proctored exam…. additional fees will apply for special shipping arrangements/proctoring responsibilities)


Please read the information sheet and complete the form (pdf or Word doc) that is included in the Non-CCM proctoring policy.


Please send your completed form/request to:

Emails: and