Memorandum for:  CCM Faculty, Staff, and Students

From:  John Marlin, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Patrick J. Enright, Vice President for Professional Studies and Applied Sciences

Subject:  Pass-Fail Grading for Spring 2020


Students enrolled in courses in Spring of 2020 (15, 13, and late 7-week terms) may opt for Pass/Fail grading rather than a traditional academic grade (A, B, C, etc.).

This directive will be in force only during Spring term 2020 unless ratified by regular order of the College.

This option is subject to approval by the chairperson of the student’s major program of study, and is not available in nursing, education, or other programs as designated by department chairpersons that require students to maintain a minimum GPA.

Faculty will award to students the final grade they have earned in the course.  Students will have 10 business days after Spring 2020 grades have been posted to opt to substitute a grade of P for grades of D or above in any permitted courses that they receive.

The grade of P will award academic credit for the course but will not be included in calculating a student’s cumulative grade-point average.  The grade of P will satisfy course prerequisite requirements.  An F will be counted in a student’s GPA.

Those who wish to do so should use the Request for Pass/Fail Grading for Spring 2020 form to apply to their department chairperson not later than 5 p.m. on June 12, 2020.  Students applying for this option will be counseled about the potential impact this grade may have on transfer credit, financial aid eligibility, and employee educational benefits.

This form serves as a waiver indicating the student understands the implications of her or his decision.  The chairperson will submit approved requests to Records and Registration, who will notify the student that their approved request has been entered.

Once a student opts for Pass/Fail grading, that choice may not be revoked.