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Do you want to see our state-of-the-art facility in person? We offer private employer tours every Wednesday at 3:30PM and Friday at 9:00AM. To join us or to get more information about our building and program please use the contact us form to the left!

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Get Paid to Hire an Apprentice!

Grant funding and potential reimbursements available. For more information please use the contact us form at the top of the page.

“The survey showed 87% of manufacturers identified upskilling and reskilling their workforce as very important or somewhat important for their business success. As demand for new capabilities gathers pace, reskilling and upskilling can enable manufacturers to develop the skills needed to remain competitive.” – Manufacturing Industry Skills and Competencies Survey Report

Benefits for upskilling your current workforce:

  • Creates a clear pathway for current employees to back fill more mid to senior level roles
  • Saves money otherwise focused on recruitment efforts
  • Increases employee attraction and retention
  • Produces loyal, skilled, successful, and motivated employees
  • Advantages over competitors as the industry adapts to the ever-changing technology and job market

Your employees will receive hands-on training in our very own machine shop!

Program Stats


Weiss Aug

“We are very pleased with CCM Student performance and rate of learning which is quick at this point. The OJT he has been provided at Weiss Aug makes him feel prepared for the CNC Mill Tech course work he is being sponsored through at CCM. Again, hiring CCM Student has been win so far from our point of view and Thanks to your Team for helping make this happen.”

PK Precision

“Both our CCM Students are performing very well. Having learned some of the basics ahead of time has saved a bunch of time so that we can focus more on the machining aspects of our line of work.

Apprenticeships are a benefit because it gives the students real life experience and opportunities to learn what it takes to be a machinist. It also helps the company to potentially receive and retain people that will be of value for the present and the future of the business..

At current time, we have all the people we need. In the future if we have a requirement, we will definitely go through CCM to hire employees. The students are supplied with basic training on tools and what the machines do which is great. It saves us on having to go over the basics which takes time and takes away from production time.”

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