Here you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding WebAdvisor that may provide you with some useful information.

Q.  What is my username for WebAdvisor/Titans Direct?
A.  To determine your exact User ID, click What’s My User ID? at the top of the main WebAdvisor screen. This username will also be used to log into your Student E-mail account, Blackboard, WiFi, and Library Databases.

Criteria for usernames can be found at:  About Your User ID

Q.  What is my password for WebAdvisor/Titans Direct?
A.  Initially, your password is in the format ccm plus your 7-digit student ID number.  So, if your Student ID number is 0123456, your password is ccm0123456. In order to change your password, you must do so at the Student Password Maintenance Site.

 Q.  I tried too many times and I am locked out of my account.
A.  If you are locked out of WebAdvisor, you will need to wait at least half an hour before you can attempt to log in again.

Q.  I forgot my password for WebAdvisor/Titans Direct.
A.  Your WebAdvisor password is the same password you would use to log into your Student E-mail Account and Blackboard.

 Q.  I am trying to log into WebAdvisor and I get a message that I am not signed up for WebAdvisor.  How do I sign up?
A.  If you receive this message and you are a newly accepted student, it could be that you are not pinned in the system yet.  Contact Records and Registration at 973-328-5200 and they will be able to tell you why you have not been pinned yet.

Q.  The classes I am trying to register for are closed.  Can I be put on a wait list?
A.  Yes. Click WAITLIST INFORMAITON for information and instructions on how to waitlist a course.

Q.  I am trying to pay my bill online and I have Financial Aid.
A.  If you are a Financial Aid Student you must come to the CCM Student Center and pay at the Bursar Window.

Q.  I am trying to pay my bill online and it is not working.
A.  Make sure you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for your web browser.  Mozilla Firefox works best for online payments.

Q.  I am trying to pay my bill online and it says “record is currently being updated, record is locked.”
A.  Try again later.  There is no specific amount of time you need to wait; just keep trying periodically.  You may also have two windows or tabs open which could be causing the problem.  Try clearing your browsing history, cookies and temporary Internet files.

Q.  I am trying to pay my bill and I am getting a message that my card is declined.
A.  If the credit card you are using is also used as a debit card, the amount you are allowed to withdraw on a daily basis is more than likely less than what you owe for your tuition.  You can either (1) contact the bank that issued the card and have them increase this limit, (2) use another credit card that is not used as a debit card, or (3) come to campus and pay your tuition at the Bursar window in the Student Center.

Note:  If your card is not also used as a debit card then contact the bank that issued your card to find out why it was declined.

Q.  I am trying to pay my bill and I keep getting a “system error” message.
A.  If you tried to make your payment numerous times, the bank who issued the card could have put a hold on the account due to the amount of attempts being made with the card.  Contact the bank that issued the card to see if the account was put on hold.

Q.  Can I split my payment between two separate credit cards when paying online?
A.  You cannot split the payment between two credit cards online.  You will have to come to campus and pay at the Bursar window in the Student Center if you need to pay your bill with two separate credit cards.

Q.  Does CCM offer a payment plan?
A.  In order to keep costs low, we do not offer a payment plan.  Full payment must be made or payment assistance must be in place by the payment due date.

Q.  I am logged into WebAdvisor (trying to register, view transcripts, etc) and I have a hold on my account.
A.  You will need to contact the office that placed the hold on your account in order to have the hold cleared.

Should you not find an answer to your question or you are still experiencing a problem, you can also contact the Solution Center at 973-328-5600 or e-mail

You can also send a Support Request through e-mail to the Solution Center.