Celebrating Our 2021 Graduates

County College of Morris is immensely proud of the graduates from the Class of 2021, who despite a pandemic and all the resulting challenges succeeded in completing their course of study. Here we celebrate a few members from the Class of 2021, as we offer our warmest congratulations to all of those who have reached their goal of earning a degree or certificate.

Abdallah Abualhuda

Abdallah Abualhuda in plaid shirt with green tractor behind him

MAJOR: Biology

HOMETOWN: Rockaway

An Education Designed for Success

“I’m leaving CCM knowing I got accepted into one of the top Ivy League schools in the nation. What I gained at CCM has left me feeling like there isn’t anything in the world I can’t conquer. I’m so grateful, so very grateful.”

Nicholas Cruz

young man in blue shirt holding a coffee cup in front of a waterfall

MAJOR: Information Technology


Pursuing a Second Associate Degree to Enhance Career Opportunities

“There’s no comparison when it comes to the quality education you receive at CCM.”

Nick Fiorey

Young female student in black and white plaid shirt

MAJOR: Biology – Environmental Track


Discovering a Passion for Environmental Conservation

“I’m so glad I stayed at CCM. CCM helped to prepare me for life and gave me the confidence to continue my education.”

Dr. Geordie Grant

Middle aged woman with redish brown harid

MAJOR: Mathematics

HOMETOWN: Denville

Pursuing a Pathway to Give Back During Retirement

“The quality of teaching at CCM is superb. I’ve been very impressed. Some of the best teachers I have ever had were at CCM.”

Travis Herbst

Young male in burgendy shrit behind the wheel of a golf cart

MAJOR: Nursing

HOMETOWN: Parsippany

Refusing to Give Up on a Dream

“I had such an awesome experience at CCM. Every professor I came into contact with was great and concerned about my success . . . I highly recommend CCM.”