Accessing Your Computer – Obtaining VDI Access

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MAC Users

IS is trying to find a solution and will post it on the Solution Center portal page once identified.
Will provide link once that is set up.

Colleague Access

If you need access to Colleague, let your vice president know what you require so that information can be provided to the Solution Center to grant you access. The Solution Center will notify you when access has been granted.

Colleague access is not needed for the following:

  • Purchase reqs, which can be put up, reviewed and approved through WebAdvisor
  • A general view of student records, advising notes, academic progress, financial/financial aid status, all of which is available through Titans Direct

Business Phone Calls

If you need to communicate with students using your work phone remotely, inform your vice president who will provide that information to the Solution Center. Once that has been set up, the Solution Center will notify you and send instructions on how to use.

Office 365

The Information Systems team has made Office365 available for your use.  Office365 offers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and a host of other useful tools.  Access to Office365 does not affect how you currently access your e-mail account. Please still use Outlook for your college ‘’ email.

For information security reasons, accessing Office365 requires a multi-factor authentication process; similar to your online bank, credit card, etc. Below are the instructions to use to set up the required authentication (step 1) and then how to set up, log in and use Office365. As always, if after trying to complete this process on your own, you run into difficulties, please contact our Solution Center at for assistance.



In order to access our system, you need to setup Multi Factor Authentication.  This is a secondary authentication method that ensures you are the person accessing our system.  The easiest and best way is to use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone, which will prompt you to approve the access attempt.  There are other options such as receiving a phone call or text message, which then requires you to enter the code you are given.  Some of you may already have set this up.  For those users, you don’t need to do this step again.

Visit to configure Multi Factor Authentication for your CCM account.  After using your email address and password to access this page, you will see the following screen:



This wizard will guide you through setting up the Multi Factor Authentication method of your choice that can then be used going forward when accessing the System from off campus.



Visit to log into and set up your Office365 account using your CCM credentials (username and password). It is important to set up multi-factor authentication is first.  Once you log in with your CCM credentials the authenticator app will ask you to approve access; click approve on your cell phone app, or the alternative method you may have chosen.  With that, your Office365 account is active and ready to use.  Please know, you’ll have to approve every login with the authentication process.  Again, if you run into challenges after having attempted to access your Office365 account, please contact the Solution Center at

We encourage you to use the 1TB of storage available to you with OneDrive to store your documents. This allows for easy access to your files, on or off campus.

Becoming familiar and using Office 365 will help us continue being able to function online.

Conference Calls and Meetings

Zoom – provides free online conferences for those that are 40 minutes or less.

Some divisions also have purchased a subscription for expanded conferences – check with your vice president if you need to schedule a conference in excess of 40 minutes.

Time Sheets

Please assist the Payroll team in processing as accurate a payroll as possible by submitting forms as early as you have them. If electronic scanning is an issue while remote, an email with data can be sent. Keep copies of your submissions to send to Payroll once the campus is reopened.

If you have web time entry users, hours may be entered and approved. Timekeepers will need to approve hours by the Friday prior to the pay date- the normal deadline. In the event you no longer have access, contact the Payroll team via email at for assistance.

Click here for more detailed information

Problems and Challenges

If you encounter any problems or challenges, please contact your supervisor or vice president.


Cisco has made available to CCM Faculty and Staff a 90 day trial of their industry leading web conferencing product called WebEx to help us get us through this trying time.  If you’re receiving this message, you have been setup with an account in that system.

You can access the system at to complete the setup of your account.  You must use your full CCM e-mail address to sign into this system.  Please note that as part of the account setup, the system will send a verification e-mail to your CCM e-mail account, and in some cases, that e-mail does not arrive right away.  If you don’t receive the message within 5 minutes, click the resend link on the setup page.

When prompted for a password, please use your CCM password, as the WebEx system is authenticating back to our system.

If you have not done so already, this system requires Multi-Factor Authentication, and the sign up process will walk you through the steps necessary to complete that setup.

Once the setup process is complete, when you login to the site above, you will be placed into your “Personal Room”.  From there you can start a new meeting, or download the WebEx app to your PC, and use that to access this system.  If you’re using a mobile device, the WebEx app can be downloaded from your provider’s web store.

Each meeting you setup can have up to 200 attendees, and can be recorded.  A good You Tube tutorial to get started with WebEx can be found at: