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Action Research
  1. Center for Collaborative Action Research (Pepperdine University)


Academic Integrity
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American with Disability Act (ADA) Compliance
  1. AccessAbility: Accessibility and Usability at Penn State
  2. National Center on Universal Design for Learning


  1. Liberal Education, 99(2): Transparency in Teaching: Faculty Share Data and Improve Students’ Learning


Classroom Management
  1. Faculty Focus: 10 Effective Classroom Management Techniques Every Faculty Member Should Know*
  2. Faculty Focus: 15 Strategies for the College Classroom*


Deep Learning
  1. Teaching for Quality Learning at University: Assessing for learning quality: II. Practice
  2. Educause: Facilitating Deep Learning in the Adult Online Learner
  3. Learning and Teaching: Approaches to Study “Deep” and “Surface”


Distance Learning
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  12. Faculty Focus: Strategies for Increasing Online Student Retention and Satisfaction*
  13. Threaded Discussion Approaches


Emotional I.Q.
  1. Emotional I.Q. Inventory


Learning Styles
  1. The VARK Guide to Learning Styles
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  3. Articles & Colums by Dr. Richard Felder (North Carolina State University)
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  1. Video: Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us


Open Source Resources
  1. CTL Pinterest Boards
  2. OpenCourseWare Consortium
  3. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
  4. MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching


Quality Matters
  1. Quality Matters: Inter-Institutional Quality Assurance in Online Learning


  1. Association of American Colleges and Universities: VALUE Rubrics
  2. RubiStar
  3. teAchonology


Teaching Strategies
  1. Learning Pyramid
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  12. Faculty Focus: 15 Strategies for the College Classroom*
  13. Why Use Blackboard? (Developed by Leslie Harris, Bucknell University)
  14. 75 Reasons to Use Blackboard (DePaul University)


Web Links
  1. Faculty Focus
  2. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  3. Instructional Technology Council
  4. Alice.org: Carnegie Mellon project in computer programming in 3D environment
  5. National Center for Education Statistics
  6. Online Teaching Survey (Self-Assessment)
  7. The Higher Education Academy


Other Resources
  1. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Writing Learning Outcomes
  2. Bloom’s Taxonomy vs. Cognitive Complexity
  3. CCM Course Options: Alternative Delivery Methods