Professional Development Mini-Grant
Where do I find the Professional Development Mini-Grant Proposal form?
A: The form can be found by going to the CTL Grants & Awards webpage.

When does the application have to be submitted?
A: The application with all signatures and required documentation (TRA, google map directions if using personal auto) must be submitted to CTL ten days prior to the event/conference, (no exceptions) for review and processing.

How should the form be completed?
A: The form must be typed. Each section is to be completed in its entirety.

Once the application is submitted, is the acceptance guaranteed?
A: No. All applications are submitted on a first come/first accepted basis, based on funding availability and if the application is completed correctly.

How will I know if the application has been accepted?
A: An email will be sent to the Professor and Department Administrative Assistant.

How detailed should the “Proposal Description”, “Objectives” and “Benefits to the Department & CCM” sections be?
A: The “Proposal Description” information should include how the Project, Event or Conference supports the Professor’s professional responsibilities. (Who, what, when, where, why and how). “Objectives” should include what the Professor expects to walk away with from the conference; will it help with their professional learning? “Benefits to the Department & CCM” should include what the Professor and CCM will gain from the Professor attending the conference/event.

How should the “Mission” section be completed?
A: The Professor should reference the CTL Mission Statement before completing this section. How does your conference align with the CTL Mission Statement and CCM Mission Statement?

Where is the CTL Mission Statement?
A: The Mission Statement can be found on the CTL Home Page.

How much can the Professor request?
A: There is a cap of $1,000.00.

How many times can a Professor submit for this grant?
A: Once per academic year.

What is the “Share Format”, and why is that required?
A: Since the funding is from CTL, the Professor is required to “Share” what he/she learned from the conference. This can be done either by submitting an Article or Narrative to CTL to post on their webpage. The Professor may opt to conduct a Learning Session or give a Presentation. The Professor’s choice must be listed prior to attending the conference. If this section is left blank, the application will be returned. Please note – the Proposal Description can be used as a basis for the Article/Narrative and the “Activities Attended and Value of Conference” statement, which is required for all out-of-state travel. The Professor can use the “Activities Attended and Value of Conference” Statement as their Article/Narrative.

How does the Professor set up the date for their Presentation or Workshop?
A: The Professor should go to the CTL Workshop Calendar found under Programs & Professional Learning, Professional Learning Events Calendar to see what dates and times are open. The Professor must submit three (3) choices of dates/times and call the Center for Teaching and Learning at extension 5315 to schedule. If the Professor is presenting to his/her department, the date of the meeting must be included in their reimbursement package via short note.

Who signs the application?
A: The Applicant, Department Chair and Division Dean sign the application.

How exact does the TRA have to be? Does it get attached to the application?
A: The TRA is an estimate of expenses only. The TRA must accompany the application. If the professor’s expenses exceed the $1,000.00 and they are also submitting a TRA within their department, they cannot duplicate expenses on the TRAs. The professor must choose what expenses they would like reimbursed by CTL, not exceeding $1,000.00.

What if the Professor is driving their personal vehicle?
A: If the Professor is using their personal vehicle, a round trip “Google Map directions” must be attached to the TRA. IRS Mileage reimbursement rate is 65.5¢ per mile.

Who signs the TRA?
A: The employee, Department Chair and Dean sign the TRA. Wet signatures only, no electronic signatures.

Where do I find the TRA?
A: Go to the CCM Website, Faculty and Staff, E-Forms. It helps to bookmark this page.

After the Professor returns, when do they have to have their expenses in?
A: All Expense Reimbursement Forms must be to CTL within five days of returning from the conference.  There is a ten business-day window policy set by CCM Accounting for submitting expenses. After the ten days, CCM Accounting cannot guarantee reimbursement.  If completion and submission of the Expense Reimbursement Form passes the ten-day window, appeals may be made to the Chair of the Board of Trustees.  Please refer to the Expense Reimbursement Form Procedure (03.11) in the Business and Finance Division Policies and Procedure Manual.

What is required to submit expenses?
A: There are several items required. (1) A completed and typed Expense Reimbursement Form with expenses broken out by day (the form will calculate expenses). Receipts must be attached and taped (on 8 1/2 x 11 paper) in chronological order. (2) If the Applicant has traveled out-of-state, an “Activities Attended and Value of Conference” statement must be attached to the Expense Reimbursement Form. Accounting will not process expenses without this statement attached. (3) If the Professor has chosen an Article or Narrative, they must attach their typed Article or Narrative (the “Activities Attended and Value of Conference Statement” can be used as the Narrative), as well as email an electronic copy to If they have chosen a Presentation or Learning Session, they must set up the date with CTL. If the above criteria are not met, the Expense Reimbursement form will be returned. Please keep a copy for your records.

What if I want to include personal travel before or after the conference?
A: The college cannot guarantee total airfare reimbursement if travel is different from the conference location. You must attach an airfare comparison showing round-trip airfare from Newark Airport to conference location, and Newark Airport to personal location.

What is the meal allowance per day?
A: The meal allowance per day is $50.00. If amount of meal is over $50, put entire amount on expense voucher, Accounting will make the adjustment.

Do I fill in the budget codes?
A: No, CTL will complete the budget code sections.

Where do I find the Expense Reimbursement form?
A: Go to the CCM website, Faculty and Staff, E-Forms. It helps to bookmark this page.

Who signs the Expense Reimbursement Form?
A: The Applicant, Department Chair and Dean sign the Expense Reimbursement Form before submitting to CTL for processing. Wet signatures only, no electronic signatures.

How does the Professor get reimbursed?
A: The Professor will receive payment via Accounting. The process can take from one to two weeks.

External Grants

How do I apply for these grants?
A: Please use the link provided, apply directly. CTL posts these grants for informational purposes only and is not involved in the application process.

Louise and Samuel Olshan Endowment for Faculty Professional Development
Where do I find the Application?
A: The application can be found at the bottom of the “Louise and Samuel Olshan Endowment for Faculty Professional Development” .

Who do I send the application to?
A: The typed application is to be submitted to CTL. Please retain a copy for your records.

What happens after the application is sent to CTL?
A: The application is sent to Sr. VP Enright for review and processing.

How will I be notified of the decision?
A: The Committee will notify the recipients by mail.

Membership Grant
How do I process a Membership Grant Request?
A: The Professor must complete the Membership Grant Application and obtain the Department Chair’s signature. The invoice with a CCM mailing address and the proposal are then sent CTL (SH120); CTL will create a Check Request.  All applications will be processed as payment to the organization(s), no personal reimbursements per Accounting Policy.

Is there a “cap” of funding per professor?
A: Yes, there is a $250 per academic year cap.

Can the Professor submit a two-year membership?
A: No, CCM Accounting Policy has a one-year only membership policy.

Can a membership that is renewable halfway through the academic year, be renewed?
A: Yes. Please ensure that the CCM address is on the invoice. Accounting will not process without a CCM address.