This is a gallery to display presentations and professional work of our faculty and staff members during CCM Professional Days and as CTL Grant recipients.

May 19, 2016: Dr. Edward Yaw (Video)
May 15, 2014 – Professor Bonnie Murphy (Video)
May 15, 2013 – Professor Joan Monaghan (Video)
May 17, 2012 – Dr. Noel Robinson (pdf)

May 18, 2016
Ms. Andrea Doucette (Student), Professor James Hart, Ms Ariella Panek (Counselor), Mr. Don Phelps (Associate Director of Campus Life), & Ms. Sheri Ventura (Coordinator of Distance Learning) Student Success Best Practices: Panel Discussion (Video)

Ms. Maria Schiano, Director of Accessibility Services The Intricacies Behind the Evolving Disability Student (Due to some personal content this video link is not publicly available).

May 19, 2016: 3rd Annual Faculty Showcase: Using Research to Enhance Teaching and Learning Professor Keri Flanagan, Dr. Jason Hudzik, & Professor Jenifer Martin Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL): A Technique to Actively Engage Students (No recording due to proprietary nature of POGIL)

Professor Hvroje Slovenc
Inverted Bell Curve Study: History of Photography Course

Professor Brian Schorr, Ms. Pam Marcenaro (Director of EOF), & Ms. Shelley Kurland (Instructional Designer)
First-Year Hight Impact Practices: The College Student Success Program at CCM

Dr. Michael Parrella & Dr. Jill Schennum
Citizenship Under Siege

May 13, 2015
Professor Deb Demattio, Dr. Maria Lee, Dr. Jill Schennum, & Dr. Michael Parrella:
Bridging Cultures – Reflections & Reconsiderations
Video – Deb Demattio, Dr. Maria Lee, Dr. Jill Schennum, & Dr. Michael Parrella

Professor Jefferson Cartano & Professor Ian Colquhoun:
e-Course Portfolio: Effortless Energy Resourceful Engineering for Morris County Families
Professor Jefferson Cartano & Professor Ian Colquhoun

Ms. Maria Schiano & Dr. Maureen Stivala
An Accommodations Letter – What Does It Really Mean?
Video – Ms. Maria Schiano & Dr. Maureen Stivala

May 14, 2015: 2nd Annual Faculty Showcase: From Learning to Life
Professor Todd Collins, Adjunct Professor Dan Palladino, & Dr. Matthew Jones (Exploratory Teaching Grant Recipients):
Converging Projects in the Classroom: An Experiment in Interdisciplinary Project Development among Practicum, Music Business, and Film Association Students
Video – Todd Collins, Dan Palladino, & Dr. Matthew Jones

Adjunct Professor Linda Santangelo: Where Fashion Meets Business
Video – Linda Santangelo

Professor John Hurd & Dr. William Solomons: Crime Scene Investigation and Photography
Video – John Hurd & Dr. William Solomons

May 14, 2014
Professor Nieves Gruneiro, Professor James Hart, Dr. Rita Heller, Dr. Jill Schennum, & Dr. Michael Parrella:
Bridging Cultures – Teaching Democracy through Community Outreach, Film, and Transformed Classrooms
Professor James Hart – Debunking Stereotypes in Spanish I (pdf)

May 15, 2014: Faculty Showcase – Engaging the Students
Professor Buffy Reilly (iPad Grant Recipient): Flipped Classroom: Engage and Enlighten Today’s College Students
Video – Buffy Reilly
PDF – Buffy Reilly

Dr. Matthew Jones, Professor Jefferson Cartano, & Professor Maureen Sutton (Exploratory Teaching Grant Recipients): Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Why and How?

Professor Samantha Fuentes & Professor Bryan Lemme (iPad Grant Recipients): Mobile Learning in the 21st Century
Video – Samantha Fuentes & Bryan Lemme
Professor Bryan Lemme – Google Drive (PDF)

Dr. Richard Gradone: The SmartBoard in Action

May 15, 2013
Professor Celeste Wayne & Shelley C. Kurland: Effective Practices for Online Courses to Meet Middle States Requirements (PDF)

Information Literacy Assessment Results (PDF)

Dr. Matthew Jones: Speech Communication Rubric (PDF)

May 16, 2012
Dr. William Hunter: Incorporating Ethics in Your Classroom (PDF)