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Barnyard Sanctuary Farm Volunteering Event

Barnyard Sanctuary Farm Volunteering Event

10/12/2019 8:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Join the Vegetarian and Vegan Club and PTK in the Barnyard Sanctuary Farm Volunteering Event

When and Where: On Saturday, October 12th, we’re volunteering at Barnyard Sanctuary Farm, in Columbia, New Jersey (Warren County). We’re leaving school by van at 8:15 AM and we’ll be back at around 12:45 PM.

The Tour: The staff at the farm will give us a quick tour when we get there. They need to know that we understand what we will be doing and are physically able to do the work.

Duties: Picking up sticks, rocks, raking poop (lots of farm animal poop lol) in the fields/pens. It is very physical work.

Perks: We will be working in and among the animals themselves. Lots of opportunities for scratching, belly rubs and kisses to be had.

The Animals: Barnyard Sanctuary Farm is home to horses, donkeys, mules, cows, water buffalo, hogs, pot bellies, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, emus and many other type birds. In total, about 700 animals live there!

Provided: Porta-potty, water, tools.

You’ll have to bring: Please dress warmly and wear boots. You can always peel off layers if you get too warm. Be sensible in your attire. Your shoes will get wet, muddy and poopy, as will the cuffs of your pants. You should bring a change of shoes and a plastic bag for your dirty ones.

Cost: Bring a gallon or pack of water to collaborate with Newark when you pick up your Free ticket at the Campus Life Information Window.

CCM Event Participant’s Hold Harmless Form (must be completed by all CCM bus trip participants)

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