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Inclusion and Equity in Teaching

Inclusion and Equity in Teaching

Inclusion and Equity in Teaching: Considering Identity and LGBTQ+ in the Languages and the Arts

Dr. Megan Biondi will present on “LGBTQ Inclusive Pronouns and Adjective Endings In Spanish
Dr. Brian Sahotsky will present on “How to be an Ally When Viewing Art

Virtual Event: June 23 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. on Zoom
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Professor Megan Biondi will investigate the use of gender-inclusive pronouns and the term LatinX in the Spanish language. Although Spanish has traditionally been one of the most machista and least gender inclusive Romance languages, it is also quickly evolving to become more gender-inclusive. The only way to achieve a wider acceptance of gender-inclusive forms and true gender equity in Spanish is to teach these suffixes to students as normal and legitimate pronouns and noun/adjective endings, not as weird, optional, or alternate linguistic forms.

Professor Brian Sahotsky will present a variety of new discourses in the fields of art production, analysis, viewing, and appreciation. Learn to be an ally by discussing and understanding contemporary developments in the reading of art and visual culture, including queer theory, identity politics, feminist theory, ethnocentrism, and other historical perpetrations of “othering.”