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Student Association Elections

Student Association Elections

04/25/2023 9:00 AM - 04/27/2023 6:00 PM

Student Association Elections

Tuesday, April 25, 9am to Thursday, April 27 6pm

Vote on BlackBoard: Student Association







County College of Morris Student Association Elections

All Full-Time and Part-Time CCM students have the opportunity to vote for the

  • Student Government Association Officers
  • Student Activities Programming Board

If you are interested in serving on the Student Government Association, let us know at


Voting Process:

  • Log into BlackBoard
  • Select: Student Association
  • Select: Spring 2023 Election
  • Select: Vote Here
  • Select: Continue
  • After you have chosen your candidates, be sure to SAVE AND SUBMIT. Once you have saved your votes and clicked the finish icon, your ballot is complete.


Student Government Association President – Vote for One (1)

Andrew Frederick

Business Administration

As President, I will commit myself to creating an efficient, effective, and worthwhile SGA by creating more positions with various commitment levels. This will help me accomplish my goals of revamping the Period Product Initiative, creating well-structured training for student leaders, developing essential information sessions for students, and several others.


Student Government Association Vice President – Vote for One (1)

Heather Schaab

Criminal Justice (Law)

As Vice President my goals are…  1. Mental health awareness/reduce stigma 2. Provide Leadership training 3. Medical personnel on campus 4. Support Inclusivity 5. Learning disability awareness 6. Safety on Campus 7. Continue Motivational Mondays 8. Work with Clubs to create unity 9. Gender Neutral Bathrooms 10.Improve Communication 11. Period Product Initiative


Student Government Association Treasurer – Vote for One (1)

Ramses Garcia-Torres


If I am elected as treasurer of SGA, not only will I perform my duties to the utmost of my

capabilities, I will work with the Math department to organize, create, and host workshops with the intent to teach Microsoft Excel and spread financial literacy among my peers.


Student Government Association Inter Club Council – Vote for One (1)

Michael Koutsokoumnis

Business Administration

Hello fellow Titans; I’m Michael. I am the Student Activities Programming Board President and a member of the Student Government Association and Volunteer Club. Recently I chartered the newly formed CCM Bowling Club. I plan on transferring to WPU to major in HR Management and Public Policy. In the future, I hope to run for public office.

I have been an active member of CCM’s SGA for two semesters. I enjoy working on initiatives that promote school spirit and collaboration. As ICC Chairperson, I aim to increase student participation in on-campus activities by ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Student Government Association Curriculum Committee Senator – Vote for One (1)

Malcolm C. Harrison


As a senator, I will voice to the SGA and the Curriculum Committee the need for transparent communication about summer internships and opportunities early in the Fall Semester, so that CCM students will have a chance to prepare for applications far in advance and achieve academic and career success.


.Student Government Association Diversity Committee Senator – Vote for One (1)

Keyur Patel – (He/Him/His)

Liberal arts and Sciences Major

My goal as Diversity Senator is making students be fully aware that they don’t need to be a member of that Race or ethnicity to join these Cultural or religious organizations such as: Asian Student Association , Black Student Union , Muslim Student Association and United Latino Organization! This would effectively increase the student interest in the cultural organizations, which would further educate students on the diverse cultures that make up our campus community.


Student Activities Programming Board President – Vote for One (1)

Michael Koutsokoumnis

Business Administration

Hi, my name is Michael Koutsokoumnis, and I am seeking re-election as President of the Student Activities Programming Board. I aim to increase student participation in activities by organizing fun, welcoming, and inclusive events. I look forward to continuing to work with all of the clubs at CCM to enhance our college experience.


Student Activities Programming Board Communications Coordinator – Vote for One (1)

Meredith Hardy


Hi, my name is Meredith Hardy. I am seeking re-election to be the Communications Coordinator of the Student Activities Programming Board in the fall. My goal is to promote events on social media and increase student involvement on campus. I look forward to marketing these events and getting the word out there for the student body.


Student Activities Programming Board Public Relations Coordinator – Vote for One (1)

Hawa Kromah

Public Health

Hi, my name is Hawa Kromah, and I plan on running for Public Relations Coordinator on the Student Activities Programming Board. I intend to improve marketing by being strategic with the use of different forms of media. I am dedicated to working hard to ensure that our student body has an exciting year of events.