Welcome to County College of Morris! We are so glad you have joined us as an adjunct this term. Each adjunct faculty member brings with them a wealth of real world knowledge, and this knowledge is important to our student’s learning as you help us to accomplish our mission and goals. As we begin this term we have created this list of resources to help you become more familiar with CCM. Remember that prior to the start of each Fall and Spring term there will be an Adjunct Dinner where you can have the opportunity to hear college updates and network with CCM Administration, Staff and other Faculty.


College Policies

Academic Freedom

Student Code of Conduct – Information regarding students’ actions.

Federal guidelines to review: FERPA and ADA
(For those teaching in a clinical setting HIPPA guidelines/training will be given via your department and the clinical facility.)


Adjunct Faculty Contract

Please obtain the updated Promotion to Adjunct II application here

MOU – Adjunct Contract

Adjunct Faculty Information (FAQ)

Employee Resources Directory

Faculty Absence: If an emergency or illness precludes an adjunct faculty member from attending as scheduled class the adjunct faculty member shall notify the appropriate Dean or Department Chair as soon as possible. In cases where the emergency absence notice cannot be given on a weekday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., the adjunct faculty member shall be responsible to provide the emergency absence notification to the College Department of Public Safety (page 22 Adjunct Union Contract). Please check with your specific Department to verify specific departmental procedures.

Public Safety Please make sure you obtain your faculty parking decal by going to the Public Safety site, filling out the online form and picking up your decal at our Public Safety office located off of Parking Lot #10. To note, Public Safety is also the repository for lost and found items.

Location: 675 Route 10                Tel: (973) 328-5550



Adjunct Faculty Orientation: The orientation is located on our Learning Management System, BlackBoard.  The Adjunct Faculty Orientation course is a self-paced, fully online course available on Blackboard with 5 modules which includes information on Teaching, Learning, Classroom Management, Civility, CCM Support Services and Accessibility Compliance.  A certificate is earned after completion.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL): CTL supports faculty and staff on their professional learning. The Center provides support and resources regarding teaching and learning as well as on effective technology implementation into the classroom. Along with workshops and webinars, CTL also have different technologies, such as iPads, available to faculty. There are multiple grants available to all faculty colleagues, including the CTL Professional Development Mini-Grant which provides funds to present and/or attend conferences.

Syllabus Elements: A template to follow to create your syllabus to CCM standards.

Syllabus Guidelines PowerPoint

Adjunct Faculty Office Information (FAQ): Cohen Hall 101


Solution Center

Visit the Faculty and Staff Self Service Portal page. Here is where you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the software and services that CCM provides.

Tel: (973) 328-5600


Academic Support Services

Tutoring: Math, Writing & Science Centers – Location: DeMare Hall, Room 156 Tel: (973) 328-5367

Accessibility Services – Location: Learning Resource Center, Room 105 Tel: (973) 328-5284

Educational Opportunity Fund – Location: Cohen Hall, Room 211 Tel: (973) 328-5270

Learning Resource Center – Location: Learning Resource Center, Second Floor Tel: (973) 328-5300

Testing Center – Location: Learning Resource Center, Room 101 Tel: (973) 328-5166

Your best resource will always be your Academic Chair. If you have a question please reach out to your Chair, they are happy to help.