ENROLL in College Courses as a High School Student.
ENRICH Your Education.  EXPERIENCE the College Environment Firsthand.
STRENGTHEN Your Candidacy for College Admission.
EARN Credits Toward a College Degree.  FULFILL High School Graduation Requirements.

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At County College of Morris (CCM), high school students can get an early start on their future with numerous online courses to fulfill high school requirements, earn college credits and strengthen their college applications through the Challenger Program.

High school students enrolled in the Challenger Program enrich their education through college-level coursework at CCM. Many refer to this option as an accelerated college program. Students in the program are able to explore courses in areas such as art, social sciences, technology, languages and music, in addition to taking general education classes in English, math and science.

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The first step to apply is to Create an Account with County College of Morris and then fill out the Challenger Application and pay the $30 application fee.


Prior to registering for a course, students need to take the appropriate placement test which can be scheduled by emailing the Testing@ccm.edu.

If the class has a course prerequisite, students may either exempt themselves with SAT or ACT scores or schedule the appropriate placement test.

When registering for courses, it is strongly advisable to identify alternate choices as classes fill quickly. Please be aware that extra fees are assessed for late payment and withdrawal. To register for classes please login to Titans Direct using the credentials you were provided in your acceptance letter.

Students and parents with questions or needing assistance with registering should contact The Academic Success Center at academicsuccesscenter@ccm.edu.

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