Name: Gerald Aska
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: Engineering Technologies/Engineering Science
School: School of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences
Office: AME 120
Phone: 973-328-5767
Education: M.S., B.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology
Hired: 2018

For a majority of his life, Professor Gerald Aska has been teaching. Whether it was helping his fellow classmates with homework, working as a teaching assistant and tutor during his college years or teaching evening classes in mathematics at high schools, Aska has exercised a passion to teach.
“I wanted to become a high school math and science teacher, but I only lasted a year at teaching college,” he joked. “It was too boring for me, so I decided to major in electrical engineering.”Aska graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) with his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. He says he enjoys electrical engineering because it provides both challenge and excitement; it’s complex in nature and demands a lot of thought.

Before he came to County College of Morris (CCM), Aska worked in the telecommunications industry as an electronic design engineer, and then taught at a few other colleges, such as NJIT, Essex Community College and Ocean County College.

While he thoroughly enjoys teaching, his biggest accomplishment happened while he was working in the in the telecommunications industry.

“I helped design equipment that sold in the United States, and also internationally,” he said. “One of my designs included the design of the high-speed uplinks for a digital subscriber line access multiplexer, or DSLAM. The DSLAM is a network multiplexer that sends and receives data to and from DSL subscribers.”

Aska’s job on that project was to aggregate the data that came into the multiplexer from DSL subscribers and sends them to the next equipment “in the cloud” where it is routed through the Internet towards their destinations.

“Knowing that the equipment was being used and sold across the United States and overseas was a pretty big deal for me,” he said.

Outside of the electrical engineering field and classroom, Aska enjoys going to the gym, watching movies on Netflix and participating in virtual stock and forex trading.

“I’ve been analyzing the financial markets for years,” Aska says. “I have a little investment out there, but over the years I have been using virtual money. Some companies allow you to use virtual money to trade real markets. When I’m doing fast paced selling and buying, I use the virtual money.”