Name: Kathryn Shuck
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Department: Mathematics
School: Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies
Office: SH 215
Phone: 973-328-5709
Education: MBA, Indiana University
M.S., California Institute of Technology
B.S., Purdue University

“I remember my first exposure to algebra and being able to solve problems using math in middle school,” recalls Professor Kathryn Shuck. That love of numbers led to a 26-year career in engineering and product management. In 2008, she made a switch into teaching as an adjunct instructor at County College of Morris. This academic year, she joined the faculty full-time.

“I made the switch into teaching because I had the good fortune of having some exceptional teachers along the way who exposed me to new ways of thinking and the joy of learning,” Shuck says. “I wanted to bring that to other people.”

She enjoys converting numerophobes in her classes of Basic Math, Basic Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. “In one of my Basic Math classes, I had an older adult returning to school after a long period of time. Just working with her and helping her develop the confidence that she could succeed was very rewarding,” says Shuck.

“I hope to convey to students the value of math,” she adds. “Math is a language for understanding and modeling the world around you. Anything that gets built or is created through engineering is accomplished through math.”