Savio Gianmarco

Savio, Dr. Gianmarco

Name: Dr. Gianmarco Savio Academic Rank: Assistant Professor Department: Sociology, Economics and Anthropology School: Liberal Arts Office: DH 335 Phone: 973-328-5606 Email: Education: Ph.D., M.A., Stony

Mark Schmidt

Schmidt, Mark

Name: Mark Schmidt Academic Rank: Assistant Professor Department: English and Philosophy School: Liberal Arts Office: CH 337 Phone: 973-328-5457 Email: Education: M.A., Emory University

Brian Sahotsky

Sahotsky, Dr. Brian

Name: Dr. Brian Sahotsky Academic Rank: Associate Professor Department: Art and Design School: Liberal Arts Office: EH 107 Phone: 973-328-5439 Email: Education:  Ph.D., University of California

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Samour, Samir

Name: Samir Samour, MSN, RN, CNE Academic Rank: Associate Professor Department: Nursing School: Health and Natural Sciences Office: CH 303 Phone: 973-328-5344

Maureen Sutton

Sutton, Maureen

Name: Maureen Sutton Academic Rank: Assistant Professor, Chair Department: Business School: Professional Studies and Applied Sciences Office: CH 204A Phone:

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Sullivan, Deborah

Name: Deborah Sullivan Academic Rank: Assistant Professor Department: Psychology School: School of Liberal Arts Office: DH 331 Phone: 973-328-5611 Email:

Deanne Stigliano

Stigliano, Deanne

Name: Deanne Stigliano Academic Rank: Assistant Professor Department: Mathematics School: Professional Studies and Applied Sciences Office: SH 311 Phone: 973-328-5706

John Soltes

Soltes, John

Name: John Soltes Academic Rank: Assistant Professor, Interim Chairperson Department: Languages and ESL School: Liberal Arts Office: EH120 A Phone:

Dr. William Solomons

Solomons, Dr. William

Name: Dr. William Solomons Academic Rank: Assistant Chair, Assistant Professor Department: Criminal Justice School:  Engineering Technologies/Engineering Science Office: SH 203 Phone:

Keith Smith

Smith, Keith

Name: Keith Smith Academic Rank: Professor Department: Art and Design School: Art and Design Office: EH 130 Phone: 973-328-5779 Email: