ManageFirst ProgramTM Overview

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Program participants receive industry-respected training that prepares them to confidently lead our ever-growing industry. This management program teaches practical competencies needed to face real-world challenges in the industry, including interpersonal communication, ethics, accounting skills and more.

The ManageFirst Program is designed to be highly flexible.

The ManageFirst Program topics are broken down into four Core Credential Topics and eight Foundation Topics, with an exam specific to each topic. Students earn a certificate for each exam they pass.

ManageFirst Professional® (MFPTM) Credential

The MFP credential recognizes students as having the academic and practical knowledge they need to succeed in the restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industry.

To earn the MFP credential, students must:

  • Pass four Core Credential exams and one Foundation/Elective exam
  • Provide documentation for 800 hours of industry work experience

ManageFirst Program® Topics

The ManageFirst Program titles are organized as subject matter groups that are reflected in the 10 competency guides. For example, the Controlling Foodservice Costs Guide could correlate with a Cost Control or Operations Management Course.

The chart below illustrates how ManageFirst Program topics align with competencies managers need to succeed in our industry.

Core Credential Topics

Competency Guide/Exam Topic

Associated Competencies

1. Controlling Foodservice Costs Manage and forecast profitability
2. Hospitality and Restaurant Management Manage team members Manage Information Flow
3. Human Resources Management and Supervision
Manage team members
Comply with legal requirements
4. ServSafe® Food safety and sanitation Facilities and equipment management

Competency Guide/Exam Topic

Associated Competencies

1. Customer Service Manage guest experience
2. Principles of Food and Beverage Management Manage food and beverage program
3. Purchasing Manage purchasing information
4. Hospitality Accounting Manage and forecast profitability
5. Bar and Beverage Management
Manage food and beverage program
Responsible alcohol service
6. Nutrition Nutrition
7. Hospitality and Restaurant Marketing Business promotions, marketing and advertising
8. ServSafe Alcohol® Alcohol law and your responsibility Recognizing and preventing intoxication Checking identification Handling difficult situations