Building a Pathway to Completion

Using CCM’s 7-Week Terms

A Traditional 15-Week Semester

County College of Morris (CCM) has created an exciting alternative pathway to complete your degree sooner whether you are a full-time or part-time student. Instead of taking classes for 15 weeks and having to wait a semester to take the next class, you now have a faster option. Our 7 Week Early and 7 Week Late terms allow you to take and finish classes within 7 weeks, so you can enroll for the next course within the same semester.

You get to double your credits, finish your degree earlier and get started on your next step – whether that be earning a bachelor’s or gaining immediate entry into your chosen career.

Here is the suggested course sequence for our Business Administration program, designed for the a 15-week term:

Semester I Credits
English Composition I Eng 111 3
Math Elective 3
Introduction to Business BUS 112 3
Business Information Systems BUS 119 3
Principles of Accounting I ACC 111 3
Total 15
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7-Week Term

This is the suggested course sequence for that same degree program, designed for the 7 Early and 7 Late term. Part-time students who choose these terms can earn the same number of credits in the 7 Early term as they would in the 15-week term (but finish up in seven weeks); options to take additional classes are available to students who want to enroll for more classes in the 7 Late term. Full-time students enrolling in this pathway can simply break up their course loads into two segments, thus lightening their workload in each of the seven-week terms.

Fall 2021 7 Early Fall 2021 7 Late
BUS 112 3 Credits ACC 111 3 Credits
BUS 119 3 Credits ENG 111 3 Credits
MAT 110 3 Credits
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