All programs will begin with a live tour of the night sky given by our astronomer, Christopher Fenwick. The featured presentation will follow.

Public shows are $10 per person.

Reservations are STRONGLY recommended and can be made by calling the reservation desk at 973 – 328 – 5076.

The public programs featured at the Longo Planetarium at CCM:

SHAPES IN THE SKY: (for ages 4 and up) Our storytelling series featuring fun myths and legends from around the world and throughout history. The whole family will enjoy the engaging tales told in the program perfect for every age!

TOUR OF THE PLANETS: (for ages 6 and up) Tucked away in a roomy section of the Milky Way is an average star, surrounded by a small collection of eight planets, hundreds of moons, and uncountable asteroids and comets. They just appear as tiny specks from far away, but in this series of programs focused on our Solar System, you’ll see that each of them has a remarkable, unique story to tell.

SPACE EXTREME: (for ages 8 and up) The universe is packed with extreme objects an events. In this series, we will explore, the biggest, hottest, and most amazing things we can find. We’ll visit black holes, supernovae, colliding galaxies, and others – all of which push the edge of our understanding and imagination.