All programs will begin with a live tour of the night sky given by our astronomer, Christopher Fenwick. The featured presentation will follow.

Public shows are $10 per person.

Reservations are STRONGLY recommended and can be made by calling the reservation desk at 973 – 328 – 5076.

The public programs featured at the Longo Planetarium at CCM:

‚ÄúOUR PERILOUS UNIVERSE‚ÄĚ: Space is filled with the greatest of dangers! From massive solar flares to black holes, the perils are mighty. We’ll explore some of the greatest hazards the universe has to offer. (for ages 8 & up)

‚ÄúSHAPES IN THE SKY‚ÄĚ: Our classic storytelling show for our youngest viewers has been updated with new¬†adventures told by ancient cultures about the glittering dots they saw in the sky. They inspired¬†wondrous tales and¬†myths, and we’ll relive these amazing stories. (for ages 4 & up)

‚ÄúPOSTCARDS FROM SPACE‚ÄĚ: For decades amazingly engineered spacecraft have explored our Solar System and beyond. Each has beamed back amazing images and information, with surprises and mysteries revealed.¬†We’ll fly along with some of these amazing machines! (perfect for all ages)