Our new Planetarium and digital theater is powered by the Digistar 4 system by Evans & Sutherland. This is a state-of-the-art universe simulation system, with unrivaled capabilities.


Just a few of the abilities of the system include:

  • Full three-dimensional rendering of the universe – we can fly to any planet or star in the Milky Way
  • Rocky planets have real terrain – mountains and valleys are mapped at their true heights and can be explored
  • Stars are true globes rendered with realistic color and surface features able to be viewed close-up
  • Trails of planets, moons, stars, and other objects can be “drawn” in three dimensional space, showing a realistic path for better understanding of the motions of the heavens
  • We can now present programs with full-dome video, providing exciting and engaging films across the dome
  • Hundreds of deep-space objects are in their proper location in space, ready to be explored Space phenomena such as auroras can be fully-rendered



For more information visit: http://www.es.com/products/digital_theater/digistar4/