The professional phase includes the Paramedic Science technical and clinical courses. Students must file a Paramedic Science Professional Phase Application to be considered for acceptance into this phase. Students must be accepted for admission to the college before the Paramedic Science Professional Phase Application can be filed.

Professional Phase Application Guidelines

  1. Applicants must meet the requirements as described above.
  2. Applications will not be considered until all required documentation is received.
  3. Qualified applicants are required to complete a mandatory EMT skill screening session. The session will include cognitive and practical assessment.
  4. Applicants will be interviewed if they successfully reach the second step of the selective admissions process.
  5. Applications must be postmarked by the date found on the application for consideration.
  6. The Paramedic Science Professional Phase Application must be completed in its entirety and returned with the required documentation to:

    Ms. Andrea Murray, Paramedic Program Director
    County College of Morris
    214 Center Grove Road
    Randolph, NJ 07869


Professional Phase Admission Requirements

  1. Current NJ EMT and AHA Healthcare Provider (CPR) certification: All students must maintain current NJ EMT and CPR certification through the entire Paramedic Science Program process.
  2. A minimum of one-year BLS experience is required prior to acceptance. Individuals not meeting the minimum requirement will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  3. General Education Course Credits: All students entering paramedic didactic courses must have the following prerequisites completed:
    1. Communications: 6 credits
      1. ENG-111: English Composition I (3cr)
      2. ENG-112: English Composition II (3cr)
    2. Mathematics: 3-4 credits
      1. MAT-124: Statistics (3cr)
      2. MAT-11-: College Algebra (3cr)Science: 8 credits
        1. BIO-101: Anatomy & Physiology I (4cr)
        2. BIO-102: Anatomy & Physiology II (4cr) (Can be taken as a co-requisite with PAR-120)
    3. Social Science: 3 credits
      1. PSY-113 General Psychology (3cr)
    4. Only course work completed from an accredited institution is eligible for transfer. All coursework must have an achieved grade of “C” or better. Science courses must have been completed within the last seven years to be eligible for transfer. No paramedic courses are eligible for transfer.
  4. References/Recommendation Letters
    Three letters of recommendation should be attached to your application on appropriate letter head in a sealed envelope.

    1. A recommendation letter from a current EMS agency officer or supervisor.
    2. A recommendation letter from a current or actively working paramedic, MICN, emergency nurse or physician. Include the state and certification number of the paramedic providing the reference.
    3. A recommendation letter from a non-EMS, non-relative.