Turning a Love of Writing into Repeated Business Success

“I found a voice in my writing at CCM I didn’t know was there and that I was good at communicating.”

man in light blue button down shirt and black vestGeorge Muha wasn’t the best student in high school and had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, but at County College of Morris (CCM) he discovered an ability for writing that has allowed him to succeed on multiple fronts.

He is the founder and owner of FreightSavingsTips.com, where he delivers podcasts for the freight industry; founder and owner of Morris Sussex Sports, which provides videos, podcasts and other sports coverage for 40 high schools; a supply-chain management thought leader, consultant and speaker; and developer of an online course on how to “Uncover the Hidden Money Tied Up in Inbound Logistics.” And the only degree he holds is the associate he earned from CCM in 1996.

The youngest of six children, Muha grew up in Florham Park and attended Hanover High School where he played football. Now a resident of Mendham, a husband and father of two children, he recalls that other than a passion for his sport, he felt he had little talent or ability as a teenager. And then he took a writing class at CCM with Professor Sander Zulauf, now retired, and his life completely changed.

“That’s when I discovered that I like writing,” says Muha. “I found a voice in my writing at CCM I didn’t know was there and that I was good at communicating.”

Each of his business ventures has been built upon an ability to communicate effectively. He also explains that the best writing is writing that “let’s your personality come out.”

Once he graduated from CCM, Muha obtained a sales position in the transportation industry and quickly got busy writing articles for trade journals on such topics as logistics and supply chain management. Next, he developed FreightSavingsTips.com and then his online course.

He initially developed Morris Sussex Sports as a hobby as newspapers started to decrease their coverage of high school sports. “It just kept growing and growing,” he says. Today, it is another successful business with a website that draws 40,000 visitors a month.

“The writing skills I discovered and developed at CCM have helped me in business so much,” says Muha. “You can’t raise a family being a poet but knowing how to communicate well is key to succeeding in business.”