Taking Advantage of the Benefits of the Rutgers at CCM Program

Major: Science

When County College of Morris (CCM) alumna Marilyn Gamez began her search for a university to continue her education after receiving her Associate in Science degree from County College of Morris (CCM), Rutgers was at the top of her list. After meeting with a college counselor, Gamez learned of CCM’s partnership with Rutgers University that offers bachelor’s degree programs on the CCM campus. Fortunately, her desired degree in psychology was among the available offerings. Female Student

The program was a convenient opportunity for Gamez as a Wharton resident; her commute to or move near any of Rutgers’ campuses would have been an expensive and inconvenient choice. The prospect of being able to continue her higher education closer to home made it easier for her to continue her studies without having to change her work schedule.

“I knew I wanted to start my college career at CCM for a few main reasons: budget, commute and variety of majors offered,” Gamez shares. “The Rutgers at CCM program gave me relief as I was able to pursue my degree without having to worry about commuting to Newark or New Brunswick, and I was still able to attend one of my top choice universities.”

Her experience has been even better than she expected. As she has been attending Rutgers courses on-campus at CCM, she has had a plethora of assistance and guidance from both community college and Rutgers’ representatives for the partnership program.

“The program has been easily navigable,” Gamez says. “When I’ve had any questions, Tara Wuorinen has been very helpful and she’s always -- and I mean always -- available whenever you need her.” As the Manager of Academic Programs for Rutgers, Wuorinen oversees the students participating in the university’s programs at CCM. “Everyone is typically very accommodating and willing to work with students’ schedules,” Gamez adds.

Throughout her college experience, Gamez has also been a full-time employee. Her work obligations make time management and schedule flexibility a top priority, which the partnership program has been able to provide her. Equipped with a familiarity of CCM’s registration process and Rutgers’ program offerings, she has been successfully managing her degree alongside her employment.

The combination of CCM’s familiar campus and a Rutgers degree has immeasurable value to Gamez. “The small class sizes of Rutgers at CCM has provided a more intimate and nurturing learning experience, which lowers the feeling of apprehension towards a new learning environment,” Gamez says. “It encourages students to engage, participate and network with each other.”

Rutgers’ partnership with CCM, which began in 2014, offers bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Business Leadership and Management, and Business Marketing. To learn more about the Rutgers at CCM partnership, visit http://tinyurl.com/y7pnt492/.