Helping Students to Develop Intellectual Curiosity and Critical Thinking Skills

Nieves Gruneiro-RoadcapNieves Gruneiro-Roadcap became Dean of the School of Liberal Arts at CCM in July 2021. She had served as interim dean while leading the Department of Art and Design as chair and professor of photography. Gruneiro-Roadcap holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from Jersey City State College and the University of Miami. She also has a Master in Fine Arts from Rutgers University and brings a portfolio of professional creativity to CCM, which she first joined in 2001. The artist, educator is based in eastern Pennsylvania. In her work, she uses a variety of media, exploring presence, perception and immersion.

The School of Liberal Arts at CCM is a regional leader in providing students with a coherent and innovative education, as a guide to navigate both the present and future challenges of the 21st century. Gruneiro-Roadcap's mission is to instill an appreciation of human diversity, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking as she leads the liberal arts in preparing students for the future. For more information about the School of Liberal Arts, go to