Five Frequently Asked Questions About CCM’s Clubs

1) How can I join a club?

It’s easier than you think:

  • Check the bulletin boards around campus for postings about club meeting times, then go to the club’s meeting.
  • Ask about the club at the Campus Life Information Window in the Student Center.
  • Sign up with the group at the “Student Club and Organization Fair” held every semester (September and February,¬†during the “Welcome Bash”).
  • Contact the club’s advisor – you can find out who that is by going to the¬†CCM Student Clubs Listing¬†page.
  • Be persistent – don‚Äôt give up! New members are always welcome.

2) When do the clubs meet?

As a general rule, student clubs will meet when it is most convenient for the majority of the club’s members. Many clubs meet during what is known as¬†‘College Activity Hour”, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 pm – to 1:45 pm. These ‘College Activity Hours’ are periods set aside for meetings, programs, performances and special lectures.¬†And be sure to check at the Student Center¬†Information Window for an up-to-date listing of CCM club meeting times and locations.

3) Can I start a new club?

Of course you can! CCM also provides you with the opportunity to start new student organizations. Before a new club can be officially recognized, the organization must have a faculty or staff advisor, a constitution, a membership list of at least ten students, and a club leadership roster (president, secretary, treasurer, etc.). Assistance in preparing this paperwork can be obtained from the Office of Campus Life

You can also get more information on what is involved by reading the¬†‘New Club Procedure’ and¬†the Student Organization Guidebook.

4) Why should I get involved?

Here are the “Top¬†Four Reasons”:

  1. to learn and develop leadership skills such as decision making, problem solving, delegating and organizing;
  2. to get skills and experiences that will round out your resume (for the CCM graduate, a record of involvement in campus life is of proven interest to employers and to the colleges to which you might transfer);
  3. to meet new people and have new experiences;
  4. and, of course, to have fun!

5) How can I get more information about getting involved?

It’s easy – just contact the CCM¬†Office of Campus Life or see one of the staff members. Or send us an email at:

We’re here to help!

Office of Campus Life

County College of Morris
Student Community Center, Room SCC 226
214 Center Grove Road
Randolph, NJ 07869