Your academic advisor(s) are the full-time faculty members associated with your major at CCM. Depending on your major you may have one or more faculty advisors available to work with you. Use the drop-down list below to select your major and find your advisor. In addition, you may access the staff directory for faculty office hours.

All full time students must obtain advisement clearance (a signature and/or computerized sign off) from their Academic Advisors before they can register for classes.

Students who are studying part time are encouraged to meet with their advisors to discuss course selection and sequence. Certain academic programs require part time students to meet with advisors before they register. Check with the appropriate department chairperson for further information.

Honors Students – If you are an Honors student or are taking Honors courses, in addition to your assigned academic advisor, you should also contact Professor Laura Gabrielsen, Honors Coordinator, (973) 328-5459.