At the end of their internships, presentations are made by CCM students to Transit Safety Solutions management and CCM faculty.

Jacob & Emily's Co-op

“The internship experience through CCM advanced not only my academic achievements, but it also taught me practical applications for every aspect of the business world.  It gave me the opportunity to interact with business professionals, industry experts, and professors, all of whom provided me with irreplaceable experiences and lessons.  They all challenged me in the best ways possible, pushing me to reach my fullest potential.”  -Emily L.

“My internship experience through CCM was an indispensable part of my education. It taught me many practical skills and deepened my understanding of business. Furthermore, it provided mentors who helped me continually improve and become a better version of myself.”  -Jacob B.


Emily and Jacob interned at Transit Safety Solutions, a local company that identifies transportation safety vulnerabilities and provides related information, solutions and products.

Throughout the semester-long internship, the students were engaged in research, reporting, web and email marketing, accounting, writing and project management.  Opportunities to enhance their critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written communications, collaboration, and leadership skills were incorporated into all aspects of the experience.

Jacob and Emily are both majoring in Business at CCM.  Their internship faculty advisor was Prof. Jennifer Qvotrup.

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