The Counseling Services Office is available to assist students in creating an educational plan that is consistent with their career and transfer goals. We understand the importance of creating an individualized plan to meet each student’s unique needs. Developing an action plan is about getting the most out of your educational experiences at the County College of Morris. Educational planning is important as being prepared is an essential component for academic success. Executing an educational plan allows a student to take ownership of their educational endeavors and inspires informed decision-making. Counselors are here to inform, encourage, and support students as they progress towards their goals.

Educational planning enables students to:

  • Take responsibility for educational goals
  • Connect to college resources and support services
  • Identify skills, interests, and values
  • Choose a path to study
  • Make a smooth transition into a career or four year institution.



Non-Matriculated Students

Students who are not seeking a degree or academic certificate from CCM are non-matriculated. Non-matriculated students may enroll in credit courses for personal interest, career advancement, enrichment or possible transfer to another institution provided they satisfy all course prerequisites. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid.

  • Non-matriculated students are identified through the admissions office.
  • Students can complete the Request to Matriculate form and turn it into the Office of Records and Registration.
  • Counseling Services provides career assessment, educational planning, and academic advisement to non-matriculated students.


Matriculated Students

Students with a declared major seeking academic advisement should contact their academic department. For a complete list of faculty advisors check with the Office of Academic Advisement.