COVID-19 – LETTER TO STUDENTS – Posted 6/25/21

The Office of Health Services is available for the purpose of maintaining and improving the health of students and staff. Then entire CCM community can take advantage of the vast array of health literature and brochures, as well as health education programs. This includes events such as Blood Drives, Health Fairs, Awareness Days, and a Flue Clinic. A nurse is available to meet medical needs including emergency care, over the counter remedies, discuss personal health issues, and make appropriate referrals to local community agencies. All services provided by Health Services are confidential.  No information/medical records (including immunizations) are released without written consent of the student/patient.

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NJDOH latest Meningitis requirements for college students as of June 15, 2020


Meningitis Algorithm




In the event of an ON CAMPUS EMERGENCY, dial 5550 on any campus phone and the Security Department will answer this call immediately.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Elizabeth Hoban, RN, C., MSN
Coordinator of Health Services
Cohen Hall, Room 266
Phone: 973-328-5160
Fax: 973-328-5163