Q: What does it mean when I try to register and get a message that says I have a “Health Hold” or it directs me to contact Health Services?
 The state of New Jersey requires that all full-time students must have certain immunizations to attend college.   As a new college student, we allow our students a grace period for getting these records to our office. After you register for your first semester, we allow you two months to provide proper documentation. If we do not receive your records, we place a “hold” on your account as reminder to you that you still need to fulfill that requirement. A “hold” prevents you from doing such things as registering, getting your grades, and possibly even graduating.

Q: How long after I turn in my records will I be able to register?
A: Provided you have satisfied all of the state’s immunization requirements it takes less than a minute to remove a “hold.”   During high volume periods it may take until the end of the business day in which they are received.

Q: How do I get my Immunization records?
A: There are a few places these documents would be held.   Your family may have a record of shots you received as a child. Your pediatrician or doctor should have your immunization record. If you have graduated from a public high school in New Jersey within the past seven years, contact your high school’s guidance department to request your immunization records.   Most doctor’s offices and high schools are willing to FAX the record to our office at 973-328-5163. Some will require your signature before releasing medical information. You have the option of mailing, faxing, or hand delivering the record to our office.

Q: I am not full-time this semester so why do I need proof of immunizations?
At some point you must have been registered as a full time student or the computer would have not assigned a “hold” to your file. Either you were a full time student in a previous semester or are a full time student now. Even if you dropped classes, you still originally registered full time and therefore, the state of New Jersey considers you full time for that semester.

Q: What if I am missing shots?
Health Services office will be more than happy to assist you in finding the most appropriate, expedient and cost effective way to get the required shots.    As long as you bring us some documentation – even if just one shot – we will work with you to get you properly immunized.

Q: My records were with my high school transcripts when I first got accepted at CCM.
 Unfortunately, because of the confidentiality of medical records, many times the documents will not be released without your permission.   If our Admissions office received them, they need your permission to forward the record to our office. Sometimes, that can be more time consuming than simply calling the high school and requesting the record be sent directly to CCM Health Services.

Q: I know for sure my records were faxed because I faxed them myself. It’s been two days and I still can’t register. Why?
Whenever you fax or mail anything to Health Services it is advisable to contact us when you believe we have received it for several reasons,

  • We may not be able to read it
  • You may be missing shots
  • It went to the wrong FAX machine
  • Your name is different than that on the record

Always follow-up with a phone call! It is important to keep in mind that during registration periods we experience a high volume of traffic, faxes, phone calls, etc. and you may have to leave a message.   When we remove “holds” there is no way for us to contact every student, therefore, if you faxed the records and can’t get us on the phone – try again to register – you may find that the hold has already been removed even though we never returned your phone call. If you still cannot register, then by all means continue to call us.   Stopping by our office is probably a lot quicker than trying to get through by phone during high volume periods.

Q: I turned in records years ago and now I have a “hold.”  Why?
A: Occasionally, the state changes the law and requires another immunization so we assign the “hold” to everyone so they can be made aware.   Most of the time, if a “hold” shows on your record and you have already supplied the documents required, it is because you may have taken a semester off or changed status to part-time. Unfortunately, our computer system has a little glitch -when you take a break in schooling and then return to CCM, our computer system files you as a new student. We apologize in advance if this is your situation. Simply call our office (973-328-5160) and let us know and we will immediately remove the “hold.”

Q: I am a veteran and have had more shots than I care to think about but getting my records takes over a month. What do I do?
First off, thanks for serving our country. Having said that, we know that students who are veterans have all the required immunities and therefore, we can temporarily remove the “hold” until you are able to obtain the documents we require.   

Q: I am a Nursing/Radiography/Respiratory student in the clinical tracks and I turned in a complete record of immunizations to the school nurse.
If you fall in this category, contact the school nurse directly at 973-328-5162 and she will remove the “hold.”   We do not enter the Nursing and Allied Health students’ records into the computer because they are so cumbersome but we apologize in advance if this is your situation. Again, just let us know and we will remove the “hold” immediately.

Q: I am too old to get my records from my high school and my doctor is no longer in practice.
Contact our office and we will assist you in an alternate way of establishing your immunity. It is called a titer. A lab will draw blood and analyze it to determine definitively if you have the proper immunities we require. Obviously, this can be time-consuming, especially when there is just one seat left in a course, so we can temporarily remove the “hold” with proof that the blood was drawn. When the results are returned we will need copies of the lab results.   If you have low immunity in a particular disease and need to get a vaccine, as long as you continue to keep Health Services abreast of your progress, we are willing to continue the temporary removal of the “hold” until it can be lifted permanently.

Q: I am from another country and have no records or my records are not in English.
A: If you are from another country we know you must have received immunizations before coming into the United States. However, we still need proof that you have immunity, therefore see above for “titers”.   If you have a record but it is not in English, bring it to our office and we will direct you as to how to get it translated.

Q: I have never received the Hepatitis series and it takes at least six months to get all three shots – do I have to take a semester off until I can get the shots?
A: No. All you need to get is the first shot for us to temporarily remove the “hold” and we will do that until the series is complete. A “hold” may show up if you are still in the process of getting the vaccines so just contact us and give us the update as to where you are in the process. We will work with you as long as you are willing to get the vaccines in the time frame recommended by the CDC which is ideally six months but no more than nine months to complete the series of three shots.


  1. Proof of 2 measles shots, 1 rubella shot and one mumps shot OR 2 MMRs OR 1 measles and 1 MMR.
  2. Hepatitis Series – three shots over a six month period.