Support The Women’s Center at CCM by Volunteering!

Volunteers play a key role in our ability to properly service the community. We welcome your time and expertise in the various opportunities we have at The Women’s Center.


The Women’s Center offers computer classes in various Microsoft software programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook as well as QuickBooks. We rely on volunteers to teach these courses as it is very important for individuals to be computer literate in almost any job today. These classes are offered 4 times a month for 3 hour segments. To teach these courses you must be proficient in the program you are teaching and have a great deal of patience as many of the students are new to these applications. Experienced trainers are preferred.

A smaller time commitment can be given through our computer labs. We offer one-on-one hour long sessions with clients reviewing the above computer programs. Experienced trainers are preferred.


Many times our clients are considering changing careers or unsure of all that a particular career will entail. A great way to learn is through our mentoring program. Volunteer mentors are professionals in various fields who are available to our clients through various means. It can be through informational interviews which is a much smaller time commitment (typically an hour for each call or interview) or an extended commitment of phone calls and meetings to motivate and support a client to obtain the job she is pursuing. Mentors must go through the United Way Mentor Program before becoming eligible for this volunteer position.


The Women’s Center at CCM has limited resources so volunteers are always welcome to assist with large mailings of newsletters, flyers, and various information on an as needed basis. It is a great way to give a limited amount of your time and get to know the people at the Center.


The Women’s Center offers many supportive workshops and clinics to our clients. Friendly and enthusiastic hosts are needed to greet clients at the door, take attendance, hand out and collect evaluations at the end of the evening. These are typically evening hours between 6:00PM and 9:30PM once or twice a month.

Support Groups

There are many areas of support our clients need at The Women’s Center. Support groups are a great way for our clients to help and motivate one another as well as be a place to express their concerns. If you are a mental health professional or someone who has experiencing leading support groups, we would welcome your skills.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are a key part of The Women’s Center success and the ability to assist the community. Volunteers are a vital part of fundraising. We need volunteers for event committees, mailings of invitations, assisting with set-up and clean up and other duties that may arise when hosting an event. Volunteers are also encouraged to host their own events and ask each attendee for a donation to The Women’s Center. We are always in need of funding, so volunteers are always encouraged to help in any way they can.

Expertise Consulting

The Women’s Center welcomes any assistance volunteers can provide, especially if you are a professional with an area of expertise. Grant writing, fundraising, marketing, knowledge of the law, and technology are always areas that we can utilize your skills.


Thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering at The Women’s Center!  All volunteer inquiries should be emailed to the Women’s Center at

Please feel free to download the application and references form: